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Doctor Who Season 13 Episode 085 Seeds of Doom Part 06

Standard Definition

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Originally aired on

28th February 1976

Written by

Robert Banks Stewart

Directed by

Douglas Camfield

Cast List

Tom Baker - Doctor Who
Elisabeth Sladen - Sarah Jane Smith
Tony Beckley - Harrison Chase
Michael Barrington - Sir Colin Thackeray
John Acheson - Major Beresford
Ray Barron - Sergeant Henderson


20th Century Earth. A research team based in the Antarctic unwittingly digs up two mysterious pods which have laid buried in the snow for twenty thousand years. Yet the identity of the pods is no mystery to the Doctor. That they are Krynoid - a hostile, alien species of life, there can be no doubt. And his fears are confirmed when one of the pods opens and attacks a scientist. Unfortunately, the Doctor is not the only one interested in the seeds - an insane millionaire, Harrison Chase, is desperate to get his hands on a pod at any cost - even murder. But why? Events spiral out of control as the remaining pod reaches England, splitting open to reveal a ferocious Krynoid carnivore. Can the Doctor arrest its development? For, as its strength grows every moment, it threatens to turn Earth's vegetation hostile too. Its germination could jeopardise the security of mankind itself...